Make you own Roodie Doodie Characters

Have you ever wanted to make your own Roodie Doodie Batman, Superman or Spiderman?

Well of course you have… and why wouldn’t you? It’s a complete no-brainer.

Get your scissors, glue, tape, etc ready. Download the template, print it out and get to work

Click on the images below to download the templates




And for a limited time,a Fairy for the top of your Christmas tree!



Simply print it out, then cut it out and stick it together.

Let me know if you make one – a photo would be good!



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Had I known about this sooner, I’d have made it! Good stuff, if there are to be any more, Superman would be great! Poor Batman needs a companion above my desk. 😀

Comment by Christine

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Hey! I really like the FuN stuff you have here…it’s really awesome!!! Peace out.

Comment by Ashley

great thing! y love it! could you please put wolverine in there or a ninja?

Comment by Andrew

yeah! why not? also a marvelous thing would be to put a Mario roodiedoodie! or Dracula! I’ll definitly download one of those

Comment by juan

ii love your guys stuff i just think it’s awesome your guys should make a michael jason one you know soo he can be remebered!!!!:)♥♥☺☺

Comment by ryley

heyyyy ii love your batman dude xoxo rlylesss

Comment by ryley

sooooo im back now im made all of these lol
you need to make a wolverine one lol

Comment by ryan

I want a roodie – doodie samurai Jack. Please.

Comment by ask me about mobile marketing

These are so …..erm… cubist style-like.

Comment by iconic vintage

hi guys i love your comics, it would be awesome if you can make a freddy and jason papercraft too thought bye

Comment by Alain


Comment by roberto

yey freddy

Comment by roberto

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