Bat computer

 I know it is taking me a while to publish new cartoons at the moment but please bear with me



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Hello excuseme for my bad english I don´t use a translator .The pictures make me laugh a lot .Please visit my blog .Thank you and good luck.

Comment by Danko

Thanks for dropping by Danko

Comment by roodiedoodie

A yellow bat-a-rang?!!

Comment by Arv

The only colour for the style conscious super hero

Comment by roodiedoodie

😆 I’m surprised it’s not Alfred instead of the MS Paper Clip!

Comment by christine1012

How do you know the paperclip isn’t called Alfred?

Comment by roodiedoodie

Holy moly. That just about blew my mind. YOU, sir, are an effin’ genius!!

And I say effin’ in the most admirable of terms!!

Comment by christine1012

Hey nice toons. I like your consistent style of drawing. I also just started drawing, and I’m new to this medium, just a hobby drawer. (check out my drawings, only if you feel like it though :P)

Comment by flyingswissman

Hey flyingswissman, you forgot to add a link to you site. I always like to check out what others are doing.

Comment by roodiedoodie

um oops…

Comment by flyingswissman

I just love your comics!! Can’t remember how I stepped into your blog and now I’m addicted. I just finished looking through all of it!! Just too cute. Can’t wait to see the next one.

Comment by Elisabetta

Hey Elisabetta, thanks for the nice comments. Just looked at your blog through Google translator. I am now very, VERY hungry!!!

Comment by roodiedoodie

Hello! I’m from Brazil, and every week i come to see what’s new on your webcomix blog. There are another webcomix here, but your site is the best of them!!!

Comment by Fernando José

Well hi there Fernando José. Thanks for the praise!

Comment by roodiedoodie

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