These things are turning up everywhere…
November 27, 2008, 10:40 pm
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From Chris, Batman..


Three from Gregg…

1. Batman


2. Superman on top of a Superman figure (love this shot)


3. Little & Large Superman (the large one blown up to A3 size)



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So Cool! But they look so lonely. Some baddies are required and sidekicks as well.

Everyone needs sidekicks, sidekicks to fight baddies, baddies to engage in a compelling storyline, a compelling storyline to…

Comment by Arv

ok, I’ll see what I can do. I may have to pace myself though

Comment by roodiedoodie

Those are pretty cool. I’ll have to print some out for my kids to make. 🙂

Comment by JT

Spiderman is now available too!

Comment by roodiedoodie

These are awesome!
I work with Gregg and when he showed me these I spammed a whole heap of people!
I have all 3 sitting on my desk and ready to be cut and glued.
Keep them coming buddy! This is some great work right here.

ps. I am going to try and print one of these on to a plastic cover sheet and see how it works as.
Thinking to edit the slots and connectors slightly to make them not need gluing. :o)

Comment by D@n.

Oh one other thing….

Star Wars characters would be out of this world!!

Comment by D@n.

given you’ve created the spiderman file, how about venom? it hopefully shouldn’t take too long to re-colour spidey so there can be a hero/villain fight

Comment by steven M

D@n – My sympathies for you work situation ;-)Glad you like them and thanks for the spamming. Let me know how you get on.

As for Star Wars, I’ll see what I can do, but all these are getting in the way of drawing cartoons at the moment. I need to pace myself!

Comment by roodiedoodie

Steven M – I had already thought about that and yes, it should be straightforward. Expect it Venom soonish

Comment by roodiedoodie

A Ninja moves at feather’s pace but paces at the speed of light.

Comment by Arv

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