Super Heroes – Wolverine Quits



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*LOL* 😀

That comic made me think of Robin Hood: Men in Tights…that last panel just reminded me of Friar Tuckman’s little booth right before he married off Robin Hood and Maid Marion.

Comment by Christine

I must admit I have never seen Robin Hood : Men in Tights. Is it any good? I was always under the impression it wasn’t up to much. Maybe I should give it a watch

Comment by roodiedoodie

But but but…it’s one of the ultimate spoof movies (right along with Spaceballs)…it’s corny humour but works very well with the plot…give it a go, and look out for a still-looks-the-same-now-as-he-did-back-then Dave Chappelle. 😀

Comment by Christine

Ok, you sold it to me. I’ll give it a watch next time I see it’s on

Comment by roodiedoodie

Check it out. The Purifiers got their own card:

Good times.

Comment by fullbodytransplant

LOL, that “EX-MEN” made me laugh..

Comment by Dating Tips

great post!
made me laugh too!


Comment by betterworldforus

Glad you liked it

Comment by roodiedoodie

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