I’m starting a new religion…
October 27, 2008, 6:39 am
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I’ve decided to start my own religion. Anyone care to join me?


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😦 Puns? Has it come to this Roodie?

Caught the Chelsea-Liverpool game by the way??

Comment by Nimish Batra

Yes, Puns it is I’m afraid… but deep down, who doesn’t like a pun?

…as for the Chelsea-Liverpool game, I’m not really into football, so no, that one passed me by. I’m a big Rugby Union fan

Comment by roodiedoodie

I love your strips but I’d prefer if it were horizontal that way we don’t see the punch line before the setup when using a chat room with auto-scrolling on.

Comment by Gary Haran

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the mail & glad you like my ‘toons. I’ve always intended on switching to Horizontal strips and will at some point. It’s just that I need to build a new site first that can cater for them rather than this standard blog – It has done me well so far but is quite limiting, especially with the width of cartoon I can ft in.

It’s just having the time to build a site along with trying to regularly come up with and draw cartoons along with other things I’m trying to do.

I will switch eventually – please bear with me

Comment by roodiedoodie

Yes!! I will join! We will bake in wholesomeness.

But .. but .. will it be sacrilege to eat a wafer?

And, are bagels holey for us?

Comment by howie modell


Now all we need to do is set up a new holiday and corner the market with baked goods

This time next year we’ll be rich!

Comment by roodiedoodie

I like a religion where you can poke the messiah in the tummy and he giggles

Comment by mylesfromnowhere

I’m sure it would make the world a better place

Comment by roodiedoodie

:))))) хорошо пишешь

Comment by QIER

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