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October 20, 2008, 6:03 am
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I’m afraid no joke today if you are looking for it, just a little art Roodie Doodie style…



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any particular reason as to why mona lisa is blinking her eyes? when i saw the animation, i half expected the apple to spin or change colour to red.

Comment by steven M

Ahh, you see now I wish there was some really witty reason for the blink. I’m afraid not though. She blinks just because I felt like it.

Comment by roodiedoodie

Its the Doodie Code

Comment by mylesfromnowhere

Hmmmm, now there is a novel idea

Comment by roodiedoodie

love the winking mona lisa!

Comment by L.C.

Thanks L.C.

Comment by roodiedoodie

lol poor apple man cant see and poor mona lisa dont have a mouth

Comment by Ryan the great

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