Jason vs Freddy – The return of Wolverine

Unfortunately there was not sponsorship for me in this one… Hmmm, maybe someone would like to pay me for some product placement!


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Comment by Nimish Batra

Hahaha nice one

Comment by MicroPie

I would sponsor you for some product placement. My product is troothpicks ( If you can think of a clever way to work them in, let me know and we’ll talk business!!

Comment by Wren

Hey Wren, I’ll put my thinking cap one and see if I can come up with something!

Comment by roodiedoodie

sup dude ur so fkin funy u rock keep up the goood work -ryan

Comment by Ryan the great

thanks Ryan

Comment by roodiedoodie


Comment by jo

this is funny especily with the gillete on wolverine

Comment by Declan

thats @#$%in funy

Comment by richie

:L lmao awesome!!! 😀 XDDD

Comment by Megan

:L Lmao YASS!!! XD 😛 😀

Comment by Megan

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