Arcadians – weighty issues
July 3, 2008, 5:30 pm
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hahha that is funny, I loved this game when I was kid and I think i will still like it. great.

Comment by kori

Thanks for stopping by Kori!

Comment by roodiedoodie

Inky and Blinkys concern for “the Man’s” weight is kind of self motivated.. I would suspect a good portion of his caloric intake is well… Inky Blink, Pinky and Clyde

Comment by mylesfromnowhere

Ooooo!!! Fat Pac Man!! What would Ms. Mac Man do if she gained all that weight?

Comment by Christine

Christine, I reckon she’d be hitting the diet pills!

Comment by roodiedoodie

Lol!! That should be around Level 50. The Diet Level. Be careful not to eat too many or she’ll lose too much weight.

Comment by Christine

I laughed out loud. Very good!

Comment by Paul Hughes

Glad you liked it Paul

Comment by roodiedoodie

lmfao this 1 is so funny dude u should make animated versions of these

Comment by Ryan the great

Funny you should say that… watch this space!

Comment by roodiedoodie

lol its my mom

Comment by ryan the great

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