Caption Competition

Digging through my hard disk the other day I found a cartoon I drew months ago but never did anything with.  At the time I wanted to draw a punk snowman with a carrot mohawk but never came up with a punchline. I thought it might be fun to throw this open and let someone else write the joke.

So this one is over to you dear reader! We have am Emo Snowman and a Punk Snowman, what would they be saying to each other?

As for a prize, well I’m afraid nothing but satisfaction for you & respect from me is on offer. I’ll finish of the cartoon with winning idea and you’ll be more than welcome to publish it on your site (if you have one).

Please leave your suggestions as comments to this post. Please keep them reasonably clean (no swearing, although innuendo is fine). I’ll leave this running for a while and let you know which I pick.

EDIT : I’ve picked a winner and it is here

Here is the image…


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Emo Snowman:

Wow, check out that goth chick over there.

Punk Snowman:

I’m not in to black snow.

Comment by Brad

Punk: “No damn Modern English jokes…”
Emo: “Killjoy.”

Comment by machpie

Punk: Dude…I found Waldo.
Emo: Dude, don’t get so excited, you’ve got carrots popping out of places they shouldn’t be.

Comment by Christine

7 noses…that’s so punk rock.

Comment by TTBAO

Punk:Did you see Cris angel mindfreak last night?
Emo:I cut myself at night.

Comment by seb

So they called you carrot top? Damn that’s cruel…

Comment by Chris

Punk: So if you die, do you turn into a snow angel
Emo: *Sigh* No, I just bleed yellow snow.

Comment by Jim

Emo: I hate myself.

Punk: When you die, can I have your sweater?
I’m friggin’ freezing out here!

Comment by haza32

Emo: I fell out with emo stone last night.
Punk: Thats a shame, im still in love with punk rock

Comment by Fluffylegend

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