Arcadians – Panic!
February 11, 2008, 8:05 am
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Just wondering, but what game is this?

Comment by orangeninja

It’s Defender Orangeninja, A game I always found incredibly hard due to the controls

Comment by roodiedoodie

Aha! Now I see.

Comment by orangeninja

You’re quite talented. Kudos.

Comment by kev

Thanks Kev! I’ve quite often told people that but they have never believed me 😉

Comment by roodiedoodie

thanks for sharing!

Comment by Gloria

oh that is top quality

If your older than 25ish+ you can see from the script what game it is, i’ve laughed so much at this, brilliant.!!!!

Comment by pc_steve

Oh pc_steve, you are just telling me I am showing my age!!!

Glad you liked that one.

Comment by roodiedoodie

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