Arcadians – Stuck!
February 8, 2008, 7:36 am
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Ok, something a bit different today.

Also, I was lucky enough to have an article\mini review written about my cartoons over at WebComicOverlook. Take a look if you are interested. As always, any comments welcome.


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genius, that is matey!

Comment by daveiscoolyeah

Thanks daveiscoolyeah

Comment by roodiedoodie

It was an interesting article. And yes, Dick van Dyke did kill the cockney accent. If you watch Supernatural, Bela’s accent is just as bad…

Nice new strip. Just as great as the rest. Thanks for the variety!!

Comment by Christine

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Haha I get it. It took me a while..:)

Comment by orangeninja

Hi Christine, I’ll take your word on Bela from Supernatural as I have never seen it…although now I am curious I may have to go and hit Youtube

Comment by roodiedoodie

Glad you’re ROFLing spitblog!

Comment by roodiedoodie

Hey Orangeninja, glad you got there in the end!

Comment by roodiedoodie

Oh, Thanks roodie doodie

Comment by orangeninja

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How did I go my whole life without these geek-a-licious comics?
I think I love you

Comment by The Bagel of Everything

Why thank you The Bagel of Everthing and welcome to my blog! Is geek-a-licious actually word? If not, it should be.

Comment by roodiedoodie

LOL… 😀

Comment by Nimish Batra


Comment by Nimish Batra

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